Miamor Trinkfein

Cat Content of a different kind - Miamor hits the nerve of cat owners with its editorial content.


To make cat owners aware of their cat's need for fluids (not only) at the height of summer. In particular, it is intended to educate about the consequences of dehydration and to position the product Miamor Trinkfein as a healthy solution for more fluid intake.


Addressing cat owners in the CONATIVE network with native teasers. With a click, the ad expands and presents important information on hydrating cats, as well as the product Miamor Trinkfein, in an editorial advertorial.


  • With using CONATIVE, Miamor achieves a very good open rate of 0.85% for its advertising material
  • The exceptionally high average dwell time of one and a half minutes and further click rate of around 14% clearly show the high interest of the readers gained in the topic and product
Even many health-conscious cat owners are not aware of the relevance of sufficient fluid intake. CONATIVE was therefore the perfect choice as an additional component of our overall campaign, first to educate people about the topic and then to present our innovative product as a solution. We were very pleasantly surprised by how long readers engaged with our content, confirming that we had chosen the right path for our brand communication with this digital campaign form.
Marieke Schumacher
Junior Brand Manager | Miamor/Finnern GmbH & Co. KG

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