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We won’t make you click through annoying or even illegal cookie consent banners.

The Cookie Crumbles

Not only do we refrain from using cookies on our website – we’ve even replaced them as a central tool in our campaign delivery. To implement CONATIVE, we rely on our in-house developed AI.

Privacy First

The days of cookie-based marketing have long been numbered and the end of the cookie era is rapidly approaching. The post-cookie-era will be governed by the principle of “Privacy First”, and thus, transparency and control by the user will be just as important as the compliance with applicable data protection regulations and ethical principles. We fully support this development.

Bessere Ergebnisse

Ever since 2019, our in-house developed AI has been working completely independently from cookies and cookie-like constructs. CONATIVE works without any need for user-specific or personal data. With a strong impact: For the same campaigns, as measurements show, click-through rates by pure AI targeting were 27 % higher than by additional targeting using cookie data.

The era of cookie-based marketing is over. In all dimensions, be it legal, technical, or economic, we can see that solutions that rely on new, intelligent systems do not only create a significantly higher acceptance — also from a data protection point of view — and reach, but also generate significantly better matches and thus achieve better click-through rates and campaign results.
Marius Gebicke, CEO DEFINE MEDIA GmbH

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100% accurate
100% future-proof

At present, concepts like the cookiegeddon, death of the cookie, or the post-cookie era have become hot topics and a concern for agencies, advertisers, and marketers. We’ve taken precautions: Starting ever since 2019, our in-house developed AI has been working completely independently from cookies.
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