How exactly does the Artificial Intelligence of CONATIVE work?

With every CONATIVE booking, our customers profit from our in-house developed artificial intelligence (AI). The AI uses machine learning to optimize the delivery of all CONATIVE campaigns and thus ensures outstanding campaign results.

Perfect Match

Based on neural networks, our AI automatically detects the right target group for you to effectively place your individually customized advertising media in the perfect environment.

Images and Texts

The content of advertising media and its landing pages plays an important part in all of our campaigns. That’s why we’ve trained our AI to analyze images and texts without human assistance and make ideal decisions based on its semantic information.

Complex Analyses

Our AI uses a wide range of data. This becomes especially exciting when it compares the data with the content, the presentation of the advertising media as well as the potential landing pages and many other attributes. Deep neural networks are used to harness the large amount of data for the ideal ad placement. They continuously learn which combinations of the high-dimensional data deliver a particularly good performance.

Our AI is processing more than 1.500 dimensions, while learning something new every day.

Diese Animation zeigt beispielhaft, wie unsere KI das Bildmaterial der CONATIVE-Kampagnen sortiert, vektorisiert und clustert. Die Animation wurde dabei der Einfachheit halber auf den dreidimensionalen Raum reduziert – im Moment rechnen unsere Neuronalen Netze mit mehr als 1.500 Dimensionen!
Junger Mann arbeitet in Büroumgebung am PC

Plenty of reasons to use neural networks

  • Future-Proof

    The days of cookie-based marketing have long been numbered and the end of the cookie era is rapidly apporaching. Ever since 2019, our in-house developed AI has been working completely independently from cookies and cookie-like constructs, without the need for user-specific or personal data. With a 100% accuracy, it is 100% future-proof!

  • Self-Learning

    Our AI works with a wide range of data. It’s continuously learns which combinations deliver particularly good performances. Our neural network can apply this knowledge to each new campaign and thus continues to improve. Which means that our AI keeps learning with every new campaign, and our customers can reap those benefits every day.

  • Context-Matching

    Our algorithm analyzes editorial content in real time. This involves examining and vectorizing the context as well as the article and term level. During this process, our AI works with a multitude of data from the editorial landing pages or environments as well as the advertising media and their contents.

  • Dynamic Creative Optimization

    Dynamic ads are an indispensable tool for optimal campaign results. Our neural networks can identify relevant patterns in a wide range of data. Through complex analyses, our AI provides high-performance optimization. Processing more than 2,000 individual variables per image and hundreds of pieces of text information, this enables an ideal campaign delivery in real time.

  • Brandsafe

    Due to the rapidly increasing amount of digital content, the topic of Brand Safety is becoming more and more important – and rightly so, in our opinion. That’s why we consider Brand Safety as a matter of course. With our Brand Safety solution, you’ll always have full control and transparency over the context of your campaign.