Native Advertising



Successful media planners and marketers use CONATIVE to place their brands on premium websites and achieve the best results.


Our AI helps to find the right target group automatically and to place individualized advertising media effectively in the right context. Without any effort, because we provide proactive support before, during and after the campaign.

Access to over 200 premium sites for scalable reach


Flexible advertising formats that achieve real awareness among your target group


Integrative Werbeformate, die deinen Content bei deiner Zielgruppe platzieren.
  • Advertorial
  • Podcast Distribution Ad
  • Carousel Ad
  • Poll
  • Video Autoplay
Integrative Formate
Frau liest etwas auf ihrem Smartphone


Plakative Werbeformate als perfekte Bühne für deine Marke.
  • Carousel Story
  • Inspire Ad
  • Discover Ad
  • Custom Unit
  • Video Story
Plakative Formate


Success through artificial intelligence - without effortful manual optimization.

Success Brand Industry Agency
2.75 % Interaction Rate Innsbruck Tourismus Tourism
1.19 % Teaser CTR WITHINGS Health & Lifestyle / Fashion CROSSMEDIA
31 Million Qualified Contacts Qualcomm Technology Mindshare
53 Sec. Active Dwell Time Bauwerk Parkett Home & Living
14 % Second Click CTR BRUDER Spielwaren Toys
4 Successful Campaigns Kneipp® FMCG/Care Products Initiative Media
69 Sek. Active Dwell Time pronova BKK Health Insurance
42,7 % Second Click Rate Schiesser Fashion Resolution Media
43 Sec. Active Dwell Time Milka/Mondelez FMCG/Food Wavemaker
13,2 % Second Click Rate Mazda Automotive Mindshare
Junger Mann arbeitet in Büroumgebung am PC

Plenty of reasons to use neural networks

  • Future-Proof

    The days of cookie-based marketing have long been numbered and the end of the cookie era is rapidly apporaching. Ever since 2019, our in-house developed AI has been working completely independently from cookies and cookie-like constructs, without the need for user-specific or personal data. With a 100% accuracy, it is 100% future-proof!

  • Self-Learning

    Our AI works with a wide range of data. It’s continuously learns which combinations deliver particularly good performances. Our neural network can apply this knowledge to each new campaign and thus continues to improve. Which means that our AI keeps learning with every new campaign, and our customers can reap those benefits every day.

  • Context-Matching

    Our algorithm analyzes editorial content in real time. This involves examining and vectorizing the context as well as the article and term level. During this process, our AI works with a multitude of data from the editorial landing pages or environments as well as the advertising media and their contents.

  • Dynamic Creative Optimization

    Dynamic ads are an indispensable tool for optimal campaign results. Our neural networks can identify relevant patterns in a wide range of data. Through complex analyses, our AI provides high-performance optimization. Processing more than 2,000 individual variables per image and hundreds of pieces of text information, this enables an ideal campaign delivery in real time.

  • Brandsafe

    Due to the rapidly increasing amount of digital content, the topic of Brand Safety is becoming more and more important – and rightly so, in our opinion. That’s why we consider Brand Safety as a matter of course. With our Brand Safety solution, you’ll always have full control and transparency over the context of your campaign.


Leading media agencies and marketing experts trust us

  • CONATIVE has won us over. Our expectations have already been exceeded more than once.

    Sebastian Biehl
    CEO mediaplan digital

  • The expanding CONATIVE format offers us and our customers creative ways to communicate complex content.

    Frank Unland
    Managing Director add2

  • CONATIVE demonstrably helps us reach the right target groups, which is why we book on a recurring basis.

    René Kassner
    Managing Partner Universal McCann

  • The CONATIVE team always supports us with new ideas and individual solutions in the sector of content marketing for HR.

    Jule Hegemann
    Online Marketing Specialist WESTPRESS

  • The flexibility of CONATIVE formats provides us with a creative playground for communicating complex products from our small appliances portfolio.

    Astrid Duhamel
    Head of Communication & Digital DACH Goupe SEB

  • Since the beginning of our cooperation, we have been achieving good campaign results reliably and consistently with CONATIVE.

    Katrin Merta
    Online Marketing Manager Campaign Management Orthomol

  • We always get the feeling that you keep an eye on every campaign and manage it from the start to the final reporting.

    Ricarda Theresa Bär
    Digital Marketing Manager Schaper & Brümmer

  • Thanks to CONATIVE, we are able to find our target groups in suitable, high-quality contexts – cookie-free and sustainably.

    David Said
    Head of Native Advertising Resolution Media


You want to reduce your effort to a minimum? We will handle it for you!

Mockups and previews

We create mockups and provide previews of the campaign so you know what's going on!


We deliver fast and flexible reports. With plenty of arguments that will also impress your customers!

Proactive consulting

We know what works. You’ll benefit from our experience and expertise.


You don't have to manually optimize your campaign. Our AI will handle it for you.

Creative Service

Let us do all the creative work for your ads. We formulate your advertising texts and create the perfect native advertorial.