Innsbruck Tourismus

Using the CONATIVE Carousel Ad, Innsbruck Tourismus demonstrates their rich diversity and garners full attention.


The goal of Innsbruck Tourismus is to generate attention within the German market and thereby position Innsbruck as an attractive vacation region. Particular emphasis should be placed on the diversity of the tourism region. The tourism association primarily wants to use large-scale, attention-grabbing awareness formats and link to various topic-related landing pages. The aim is to build up large-scale advertising pressure in a very targeted manner within a short period of time during spring.  The campaign is to run exclusively in high-quality environments that match the brand.


Innsbruck Tourismus opts for the attention-grabbing CONATIVE Carousel Ad. The ten-day campaign will be delivered via CONATIVE's high-reach premium network. As with numerous previous campaigns, the tourism association is relying on CONATIVE's AI-based delivery logic. The campaign is delivered to the exact right target group. With the help of machine learning, the AI optimizes the delivery from day one and thus ensures outstanding campaign results.


  • The user interaction rate with the format is exceptionally high at 2.75 %. This means that 2.75 % of all users who saw the format actively engaged and interacted with it by clicking or swiping in the format
  • The lead time of the campaign was quite short: Only a few days have passed between "we want to book" to "we are live and have great results”
Since 2018 we have been relying on CONATIVE on a regular basis, so we were very excited about the new awareness format. The results have absolutely sold us on the format. With the Carousel Ad, we were able to build up high media pressure within a very short time and generate an exceedingly large number of user interactions in the process.
Alexandra Sasse
Marketing Manager DACH & INT Mediaplaner | Innsbruck Tourismus
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