AIDA relies on the CONATIVE all-round service package and creates a demonstrable demonstrable impact in all relevant target groups


A wide variety of experiences on board make an AIDA cruise attractive for a wide range of target groups. Three of them are to be specifically made aware of AIDA with the offer that suits them. For this, the client wants to use the wealth of experience of the CONATIVE experts and also receive feedback on how the campaign was received by the target group.


  • The CONATIVE Creative Service designs individually tailored advertising material for each of the three target groups.
  • Thanks to CONATIVE AI Momentum, each variant is played out to the appropriate users.
  • An integrated CONATIVE Opinion Survey also generates exciting qualitative insights into how the ads were received by readers.


  • For each of the three target groups "families", "young couples" and "older couples", the Creative Service created a separate advertorial highlighting the individual USPs for each target group.
  • The high average advertorial dwell time of 36 s and second click rate of 10 % show that CONATIVE AI addressed the right target group for each advertorial.
  • The CONATVE Opinion Survey integrated into the advertising material also generated valuable qualitative insights into the reception of the advertising material. The survey results confirmed that the AIDA USPs were very well conveyed to the target groups and at the same time revealed communication potential for the future.
For this campaign we exhausted the complete CONATIVE service package. All advertising materials were created by Creative Service on the basis of our briefing. Through CONATIVE Opinion, we also received direct feedback from readers on the ads. And we can say: Not only we, but also the users were enthusiastic.
Sabrina Szillat
AIDA Cruises – German Branch of Costa Crociere S.p.A.
Success Brand Industry Agency
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