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MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS relies on CO2-compensated campaign delivery & achieves top values with GREEN CONATIVE


MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS would like to draw attention to its facial care series alkmene® brand for its facial care series "MY TEA TREE OIL". The aim is to the variety of the range, but also the sustainable attitude of the company. sustainable attitude of the company.


The Carousel Ad from CONATIVE is the ideal advertising format to present the extensive alkmene® "MY TEA TREE OIL" in an eye-catching way. the limelight. The CONATIVE KI Momentum finds the the right target group for the topic in the the CONATIVE network and thus ensures maximum maximum awareness and performance for the campaign. By selecting the GREEN CONATIVE option option, MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS is also actively choosing to also actively decides to offset the unavoidable unavoidable CO2 emissions generated in the process.


  • The very good interaction rate of 1.91 % confirms that the AI addressed the correct target group at exactly the right moment and got them excited about the alkmene® range.
  • The also very good outclick rate of 37 % confirms this and delivers very high-quality traffic for the client's landing page.
  • In addition to the customer, the environment can also rejoice. The unavoidable CO2 emissions caused by the campaign are offset by the GREEN CONATIVE option. This is done by financially supporting a reforestation project in China, in which damaged farmland is converted into new forest land.
At MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS, we are committed to ambitious sustainability goals throughout the entire value chain. The use of environmentally friendly raw materials and active packaging reduction have long been part of our repertoire.

We are happy to be able to expand this with GREEN CONATIVE to include CO2-compensated campaign delivery. And that with absolutely convincing performance.
Hannes Schröder
Bereichsleiter Vertrieb/Marketing Brands | Mann & Schröder GmbH
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