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Successful advertising with native Pre-Roll Ads

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Are you looking for new ideas for your next native advertising campaign? Pre-roll advertising can be the perfect way to use your videos in online marketing! But let's start from the beginning. We'll explain what exactly pre-roll ads even are, how they're used, and the impact they can have on your brand.

What is a Pre-Roll?

Definition Pre-Roll

A Pre-Roll is a classic spot. Your spot becomes a Pre-Roll when it is placed and played as an online video ad before the start of a video that your target audience has selected to watch.

Pre-Rolls in Native Advertising

Native Ads and Pre-Rolls

Among other things, Pre-Rolls are known for their successful use on online video platforms such as YouTube. The concept is quite similar to a visit to the cinema. Here, guests select the film they would like to see in advance and are shown one or two commercials before the actual movie starts. In the best case, these spots are thematically coordinated with the movie, so that they match the audience's interest.

This is exactly how Pre-Rolls work in native advertising. With a CONATIVE Pre-Roll ad campaign, you secure pole position for your commercial. Your video is placed in editorial environments on more than 200 premium websites and placed in front of thematically appropriate, high-quality content videos. Users actively stop scrolling to watch your pre-roll ad.

Your Pre-Roll is placed in-read, i.e. within editorial articles. At the same time, the module in which your Pre-Roll video is displayed matches the look and feel of the website on which it is shown. Read more about the general benefits of native advertising.

You can profit several times from Native Pre-Roll Ads

Benefits of Pre-Roll Ads

  • are entertaining and effective at the same time
  • attract the attention of your target group
  • promote a positive association with your brand and your product
  • generate interest and willingness to buy

Long story short, it's an ideal way to get your message across without distracting from the content your target audience actually wants to see. If you're looking for a popular method for your online video advertising, Pre-Roll could be just the thing for your brand!

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