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CONATIVE Podcast Distribution

Let yourself be seen when you should be heard.

Corporate Podcast Distribution

CONATIVE Podcast Distribution provides the ideal stage to increase the reach of your corporate podcast and introduce your podcast channel to new listeners.

Your advantages with Podcast Ads from CONATIVE

  • Distribution of your corporate podcast on over 200 premium websites in topic-related environments
  • Additional reach for your podcast outside the major audio platforms
  • Address your target group at the right time, in the right environment and with the right message
  • Plannable & scalable: increase the reach of your podcast channel in a plannable way and without long lead times
  • No risk: You only pay if the user actively interacts with the advertising format and is interested in your podcast.

Context, situation and message - everything fits together here.

Reach the desired target group for your corporate podcast in exactly the right usage situation with our specially developed and interactive advertising format.

With CONATIVE Podcast Distribution, you can present your podcast in the appropriate article environments on over 200 German-language premium websites. In this way, users become aware of your podcast when they are dealing with topics that match your content.

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The central success factor of the advertising format is our in-house developed AI. This places the CONATIVE Podcast Distribution Ad in the articles that thematically match the individual podcast content.


With the appropriate key visual and an audio description of the podcast, the advertising format creates awareness for your content and arouses users' interest in your corporate podcast.


When interacting with the CONATIVE Podcast Distribution Ad, the audio teaser starts automatically, giving the user a first impression of your podcast. At the same time, the ad expands and shows the user the various audio platforms through which your corporate podcast can be streamed. The user can now be redirected to the external platform of their choice and listen to the whole episode.

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