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The add-on for your advertorial

Integrate a customer survey directly in the advertorial with CONATIVE Opinion and find out how your campaign is performing and what your customers think.

Your advantages with CONATIVE Opinion

  • Evaluate how your advertising message works with your target group
  • Learn more about the needs of your users
  • Test which content is most interesting in the advertorial
  • Ask your users about their product preferences
  • Encourage your customers to engage with your brand
  • Use incentives to increase engagement and get more survey results

A survey in the advertorial - according to your wishes

Whatever you have in mind for your survey, you can map it with CONATIVE Opinion.

  • A/B answers
  • Free text fields
  • Priority query
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Likert scale
  • Image and text selection
  • and much more.


Set targeted incentives for your target group to participate in your survey. For example, you can store voucher codes as a reward for participation - in limited quantities or for all participants. Our service takes care of the integration for you.


We will gladly take care of everything you need for your survey - from the design to the organisation of a participation incentive to the conception of the questions.

If you already have a concrete idea of one or all of these aspects, we are of course also happy to receive your concrete input!

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