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CONATIVE Video Story

The format learned from social media

Extend your social media content to the open web with CONATIVE VIDEO STORY.

Benefits with Video Story

Why you should use CONATIVE Video Story:

  • Attention-grabbing format: Perfect for short videos (15-30 sec.) for branding & awareness.
  • Strong user experience: Present your videos in the popular portrait format (9:16). Fact: 96% of the time the smartphone is used, it is held upright.
  • High engagement: Through active user initiation via click-to-watch functionality.
  • Maximum surface area: Full-screen display after active user interaction
  • Low effort: Conveniently use your existing video content from social media (Tech Specs)
  • No risk: You only pay when users actively interact with your video story (CPSV)
  • Additional visibility: Use additional reach for your social media stories outside of the short-lived social media
  • High-quality environments: Your videos are natively placed in editorial environments
  • High User Acceptance: No interruption of content consumption
  • Mobile Exclusive: Targeted delivery on mobile devices
  • Clickout possible: Link directly from the video to your landing page

Native & In-Read

Our advertising formats are "native", i.e. your advertising adapts to the look of the website on which it is displayed. This increases reader acceptance and counteracts banner blindness. Here you can find our advertising formats.


With every CONATIVE booking, the performance of our in-house developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) improves.

The AI optimises the playout of all CONATIVE campaigns on premium websites using machine learning. The result: outstanding campaign results. Our technology does not require any personal data or the use of cookies. You can find out more about our AI here.

And that is successful?

Success Story

Very much so. We have already put many well-known brands in the right light. See our Success Stories.

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