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AI-based awareness on German premium websites

Definition Carousel Ad

What is a Carousel Ad?

A carousel ad is an advertising format that shows several image-text combinations. By swiping or clicking, you can view the individual tiles in the carousel ad one after the other. In CONATIVE Carousel Ad, each tile consists of a headline under which an image is shown. This image can be supplemented by a description and a call-to-action (CTA) button. If you click on the button, you will be redirected to the corresponding target page.

Use Cases Carousel Ad

What is the Carousel Ad suitable for?

The CONATIVE Carousel Ad is ideal for intelligent and varied product placement. With our format, you can present up to 10 images or graphics in just one ad and link to different landing pages with matching texts and CTAs.

This structure offers you the freedom and flexibility to highlight several products in just one ad or to show different details about a product. In addition, you can also tell a story about your brand in the Carousel Ad that plays out across the modules.

Already using carousel ads in social media? Extend the same ad to the Open Web and show yourself on premium websites!

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