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5 Advantages of Advertorials

The strengths of advertorials at a glance

Native Advertorials bilden die Konsumenten

The problem: annoyed users

Many Internet users are annoyed by intrusive banners, pop-ups and other forms of classic online advertising. They ignore them or even use ad blockers to hide them.

So how can advertisers attract the attention and interest of their target audience?

The answer: the advertorial

One possible answer is advertorials.

Advertorials are ads that fit seamlessly into the editorial environment of a website or print medium and give the impression that the article is informative or entertaining rather than a paid advertisement. The term advertorial is made up of the English words advertisement and editorial.

Overview: 5 benefits of advertorials

  • Credibility: Advertorials benefit from the trustworthiness of the respective medium on which they appear. Readers assume that the content has been editorially checked and is of high quality. This increases the chance that they will accept the advertising message and rate it positively. The credibility of the website thus transfers to the advertising message.
  • Relevance: Advertorials can be targeted to specific subject areas or target groups. This way, you can ensure that the ad is interesting and useful to readers. For example, you can place an advertorial about a new toothpaste in a health magazine or an advertorial about travel insurance on a travel blog. At DEFINE MEDIA, our own artificial intelligence (AI) takes care of this assignment and thematically appropriate playout.
  • Added value: Advertorials offer readers not only an advertising message, but also added value in terms of content. They inform, entertain or inspire readers and provide them with tips, advice or testimonials. In this way, you can build an emotional connection with readers and motivate them to take action.
  • Reach: Advertorials can benefit from the reach of the respective medium and thus reach many potential customers. Moreover, advertorials can also be shared online, which increases visibility and virality.
  • Emotion: Advertorials can emotionalize Internet users like hardly any other advertising format. Advertorials at DEFINE MEDIA can be designed individually and multimedia-based with videos, galleries, hero graphics or even surveys.

Suitability of advertorials

The advantages of advertorials are therefore obvious. But for what kind of products or services is advertising with advertorials suitable?

Advertorials are suitable for products and services that require explanation or have a high information value.

For example:

  • Software solutions
  • Financial and insurance products
  • Health offers
  • Education offers
  • Travel offers
  • and much more

DEFINE MEDIA's advertorials have already put many brands in the right light. Click here for our success stories.

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