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You are unsure how to advertise efficiently without cookies? 

It’s a valid concern, and you’re not alone with that. But we can help you.

Who we are?  

DEFINE MEDIA is a technology provider for online advertising. CONATIVE is our product. Why you don't need cookies to display your digital ads with CONATIVE? You can read all about it here: 


With every CONATIVE booking, our customers benefit from our in-house developed Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

The AI optimizes the playout of all CONATIVE campaigns on premium websites using machine learning. The result: outstanding campaign results. Our technology does not require any personal data or the use of cookies. You can learn more about our AI here. 

What does online advertising look like with CONATIVE? 

Native & In-Read Expands

Our advertising formats are "native", i.e. your advertising adapts to the look of the website on which it is displayed. This increases reader acceptance and counteracts banner blindness. At the same time, our formats can expand without media discontinuity - giving you plenty of space for extensive product presentations and the explanation of complex content. Here you can find our advertising formats

And that’s successful? 

Success Stories

Yes, of course! We have already put many well-known brands in the right light: Click here to read our success stories

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