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Green Marketing

Why Green Marketing is important and brings your business forward

The future of advertising is climate-friendly

Sustainability is no longer just a feel-good factor, but has already become an important part of our everyday life and daily business. The W&V Analysis of Green Media provides an overview: While radio advertising is considered to be particularly low in emissions, print is one of the less sustainable media types - and online advertising is somewhere in between.

The environment is close to consumers' hearts

These days, companies and agencies are striving more than ever to keep the CO2 footprint of their activities as low as possible. It is high time for this, because the industry is evolving and sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in decision-making. Integral Ad Science's latest "Sustainability & Advertising" study shows that 68 % of German consumers prefer brands and advertisers that are committed to sustainability. The sustainability context has a stronger influence on the perception of advertising than the content or the advertising message itself.

Green marketing also has an internal effect

Green marketing can be a positive contributor to high employee retention by creating an environment of trust and respect. This is the conclusion of some studies on green marketing. The team tends to feel more comfortable working for an environmentally conscious company and committed to it themselves. This stronger loyalty can lead to better job performance - employees show a lot of commitment and are more passionate about their work. In addition, this can encourage employees to stay with the company longer and reduce staff turnover.

Government Regularities

Without going into details - this is inevitable: In the next few years, government regulations will gradually oblige companies to prove their climate-friendly commitment, as this article by Deloitte also emphasizes. A CO2-neutral media plan is an important step towards more climate protection.

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Sustainable advertising with GREEN CONATIVE

Is it possible to reduce the carbon footprint of an advertising campaign without compromising performance? Nothing could be easier. With GREEN CONATIVE, you can realize exactly this goal.

Climate-friendly delivery of your advertising campaign

From now on, we make sustainable advertising accessible to all companies and brands by adding GREEN CONATIVE, the add-on for all Native Advertising campaigns, to our offering. With GREEN CONATIVE, the delivery of advertising campaigns takes place in a climate-friendly way. We look forward to making a positive contribution to climate protection together with our advertising partners and customers.

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