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Native Advertising in the Marketing Funnel

How Native Ads Can Upgrade Your Marketing Funnel

Are you ready to take your marketing funnel to the next level? Native advertising has become one of the most effective forms of advertising in the digital age. In this article, we'll show you how to incorporate native ads into your marketing funnel and the benefits it has for your business.

Break Through the Noise


In the first phase of the funnel, potential customers are made aware of a specific product or service. This is where broad communication takes place. Of course, knowing your target audience is critical to a successful marketing campaign. With the help of native advertising, it's easy to place tailored ads that appeal to the target audience without being intrusive, and thus reach a larger target group segment. By using sponsored content on social media or mobile apps with visual and audio content, Native Ads appear more authentic and create a seamless experience for the viewer, increasing brand awareness. So are Native Ads suitable for the Upper Funnel? Absolutely. However, it depends on the advertising medium. Native Ads in combination with short video sequences are particularly suitable here.

Build Trust and Interest


In the consideration phase of the funnel, potential customers have developed a sense of trust in your brand, and you've piqued their interest. However, that's not the end of the story, as it's now important to anchor your brand in the user's "relevant set". What does that mean? Well, in the best-case scenario, users will think of your product or service after this phase when it comes to making a purchase decision. Native advertising ideally supports you in this endeavor by increasing engagement with your content. This way, you can highlight your brand's USP (unique selling point), offer differentiators, and show why customers should invest in your brand. Incorporate CTAs (Call-To-Action) to engage customers at any point within the content and direct them to the next touchpoint within the funnel. Native ads are arguably better suited than any other advertising medium to address this crucial stage of the funnel. Content advertising media, such as CONATIVE's advertorial product, are ideally suited for this purpose.

Encourage Action


With a well-designed and appropriately played Native Ad, you can also reach the last goal in the funnel, the conversion. This can be filling out a form, downloading a demo, or buying a product or service. With custom-fit targeting and tailored creative content, Native Ads can achieve a high conversion rate and ROI. Tailored and customizable ad experiences ensure that the viewer never feels overwhelmed or pressured into making a purchase from the brand. Ad formats that quickly direct users to your landing page tend to be suitable for this advertising goal. At CONATIVE, these include the carousel ad and the direct click-out format.


In summary, native advertising is a powerful tool that can improve the overall customer experience and can be used profitably throughout the funnel - but it all comes down to the right ad medium! Native Ads blend in with surrounding content, creating a seamless user experience tailored to the needs and interests of your target audience. Whether you want to build awareness and trust or drive conversion: Native Ads can help you achieve your marketing goals. Try it out and see the results for yourself! You can find more information about Native Advertising here. You can also read our success stories.

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