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Advertising in a Cookieless World

The cookieless age is upon us. Those who don't adapt their marketing strategy quickly could be left behind.

Publishing ads on the right channels, to the right audiences, and at the right time is a complex challenge. You have to analyze exactly how best to place your content and reach your audience. If you thought that only cookie tracking could do that and you're looking for an effective alternative, stay tuned and prepare to be surprised.

Tracking with cookies makes it easier for brands to show users targeted advertising based on their browsing behavior and habits. But the negative aspects of cookie-based targeting outweigh the positive:

Lack of data protection

Cookies track users' browsing history, which can be considered an invasion of privacy.

Safety risks

Cookies used for tracking may contain important information such as user logins and passwords that could be stolen or misused by cybercriminals.

The future of advertising is cookieless

Cookies have never been particularly welcome among users. Over the past few years, consumer attitudes toward cookies have been changing. A survey by Adobe and Econsultancy shows that more and more people expect transparency in data collection and use.

According to ADZINE, cookieless targeting will be one of the megatrends of the marketing world in 2023. We've taken the necessary precautions: Since 2019, our in-house developed AI has been working completely independent of cookies.

The era of cookie-based campaign control is over. Whether legal, technical, or economic, we see in all three dimensions that solutions relying on new, intelligent systems not only create significantly higher acceptance - also in terms of data protection law - and reach, but also generate significantly better matches and thus achieve better click rates and campaign results.
Marius Gebicke, CEO DEFINE MEDIA GmbH

Benefits of cookieless advertising

Thanks to CONATIVE, you can reach your target group with effective online marketing campaigns that are completely independent of cookies. This not only benefits your customers, but also you and your brand:

More data protection and security for users

With cookieless advertising, users do not have to worry that their data will be collected and stored.

Better performance and speed

Advertising that does not rely on cookies is typically delivered faster, resulting in shorter page load times and better overall performance.

Greater reach with cookieless advertising

With cookieless advertising, advertisers can reach a wider audience because no cookie-based targeting is needed.

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