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What is an Advertorial?

The most important facts about advertorials: advantages, function and benefits of advertorials quickly explained

"Advertorial" may sound like a word from a science fiction novel, but it is actually a combination of two words - "advertisement" and "editorial". Put these two together and you get an advertorial. But what is it exactly? Let's take a closer look at this concept.

What is an Advertorial?

Definition of Advertorial

An advertorial is an advertisement that often appears in the format of an article on a website. It looks like any other content on a website, but it is created to inform readers about a product, service or brand. Advertorials can therefore be used to comprehensively introduce details of products or services, explain them and show their benefits that they may not have been aware of before. Advertorials are therefore ideal if your products or services require explanation, are complex or have a high price tag. You can write longer texts or use videos, photos or graphics to promote your products. You can also offer an insight into your company's business processes and, for example, advertise job vacancies. There are no limits to your imagination.

How to write an effective Advertorial

How do Advertorials work?

Advertorials work particularly well when compelling copy is written that is not overly promotional or salesy. A good advertorial engages readers with interesting facts and anecdotes so that they want to learn more about the product or service featured in the advertorial. The author should also include many relevant links so that readers can find even more information if they want to. With CONATIVE, users first see a smaller ad (the "teaser"). If users click on a CONATIVE teaser, it expands and the advertorial opens in the text - without users leaving the article.

Benefits of Advertorials

Advertise successfully with advertorials

One of the main benefits of advertorials is that they help build trust between your brand and potential customers by providing valuable information about your product or service in an engaging way. This type of content allows customers to form their own opinions based on facts, rather than relying solely on advertising to make their decisions. At CONATIVE, you can include image galleries and videos in addition to text and photos. Here you can find our Native Ads advertising formats.

Example for an Native Advertorial

Here you can see an example of an advertorial that is played out via CONATIVE. As you can see, the teaser is designed in the same way as the advertorial so that the advertisement fits naturally into the article. This is called Native Advertising, or Native Ads. The advertorial expands downwards after clicking on the teaser, without directing users to another website. You want to learn more about Native Ads? Then click on Advantages of Native Ads.

In summary, an advertorial is a great way to get people interested in your business or products without resorting to hard-hitting sales tactics. By creating content that looks and reads like an editorial article, with interesting facts and helpful insights, you can increase customer engagement while informing them about what you offer - without being pushy or stifling. If you're looking for a new way to market your brand without compromising integrity, look no further than CONATIVE and Native Ads with Advertorials!

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