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Interview with Britta Kosel,

Media Sales Consultant

What tasks do you do in Sales?

What does a typical day in the office look like?

On a typical sales day in the office, we first start with our Twenty-Minutes Meeting in the sales team. This keeps us all informed about what's going on in the team and motivates us for the day. In the office, I'm mostly online and answering emails from my clients and agencies. If this includes briefings for new campaigns, I put together the appropriate offers and send them out on time with all the relevant information. In addition, I also perform outbound tasks, such as following up on open offers and informing customers and agencies about new products. Either by e-mail, telephone or video call. And of course the acquisition of new customers or potentials. From time to time we also have sales campaigns, which I then send to the appropriate contacts. And of course there are also internal meetings that we attend, such as regular exchanges with our product management or account management team.

How can we imagine a day when you visit customers or agencies?

A day with a customer or agency visit looks different. I usually have to get up early, depending on whether the appointment is in Frankfurt, Munich or Hamburg. I prefer to travel by train, because then I can work on a few e-mails during the journey. Of course, I take the presentation that I will be presenting to the client/agency with me. In addition to the on-site appointment, sometimes a lunch together is planned before or after, which is always very pleasant for personal exchange. If I have to travel further, I always try to arrange two appointments in the city at the same time, if one is already on site.

What's your top selling point for CONATIVE?

I stand 100% behind our CONATIVE product and these are the TOP arguments for it - I really can't get away with one here:

  • The CONATIVE ad is embedded exclusively on the page in the user's reading flow, not in a "content box" next to many other campaigns.
  • At the same time, CONATIVE adapts natively to the CI of the page, and thus always has a high-quality editorial effect.
  • And last but not least: our AI always finds the right environment for the client's campaign, which is also proven by the great campaign values.

What was your personal highlight of the year?

Oh, that's pretty tough. But I think, in any case, the fact that we were all able to leave the hard Corona time behind and finally make appointments on site with our customers and agencies again. And inside DEFINE MEDIA: our DEFINE MEDIA Company Retreat. An all-round great and varied day, and once again a big thank you to our management, who always come up with something new here every year!

What are the biggest challenges in sales?

There's a quote that reflects sales quite well: "In sales, it starts all over again every week. You can't rest on yesterday's laurels." And that's really true. Because, to be truly successful in sales, you have to bring in the numbers every week. That's one of the biggest challenges, to keep yourself motivated here.

Another big challenge: success and defeat are often very close together. You can get an acceptance for a long hoped-for deal on the same day, but at the same moment you can also get 2 rejections for originally firmly planned campaigns. It is extremely important not to lose heart in this situation.

What qualities should you have to be successful in sales?

To be successful in sales, you should definitely be communicative, ambitious and not too pushy. When communicating, it's important to be authentic and not pretend, because your counterpart will notice that. By ambitious, I mean that you work with a focus on success, and that you put a lot of effort into it. And not being too pushy means choosing the right amount of contact, not too much and not too little.

Do you have any advice for career changers interested in joining our sales team?

Career changers are always welcome in our sales team. You bring a breath of fresh air and new ideas with you. It's important that you get to grips with the CONATIVE product and actively exchange ideas with all departments. This is the quickest way to gain an insight and then also a clear view. DEFINE MEDIA is not a large company, so everyone has time for a short meeting or a coffee break.

What can a new sales team member look forward to?

Of course, a great and friendly DEFINE MEDIA team and an overall relaxed working atmosphere. In addition, new team members can look forward to a chic office with a large roof terrace and good barista coffee, contact with the largest media agencies in Germany and exciting client brands. Not to forget our 4 office dogs and the long barbecue or game evenings (depending on the season) at our monthly Office-In-Days. And last but not least: Home office is also no problem for us.

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