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Interview with Laura Büchner, Head of Account Management

About her role

Your role at DEFINE MEDIA is "Head of Account Management" - what tasks does this role entail for you?

Account management takes care of the preparation, planning and control of CONATIVE campaigns. We are thus responsible for the fulfilment of the campaign goals. As Head of Account Management, I see my responsibility in the implementation of the strategic corporate goals and the provision of optimal processes with regard to campaign handling.


What makes working at DEFINE MEDIA special for you?

At DEFINE MEDIA, working is maximally flexible, both in terms of the place and time of work. As a mother, I particularly appreciate the opportunities this offers. I also particularly like the team spirit and the high level of motivation with which we organise our everyday work.

On point

How would you describe the company in one sentence to someone who is interested in a job at DEFINE MEDIA?

DEFINE MEDIA is creative, competent and dynamic. With us, everyone meets at eye level.

Account Management

Account management takes care of the control of campaigns. What are the biggest challenges here?

Our aspiration is to meet the customer's expectations at all times. The challenge we gladly take on every day is to exceed them.


What is your "joker", your best selling point for CONATIVE?

Brand messages placed in affine environments, AI-optimised target group approach combined with individual premium service. That actually says it all!

Golden Formula

Is there a "golden formula" for a successful campaign?

Not quite a formula. Content that inspires is like salt for the soup in a successful campaign. But even the best soup tastes only half as good if you don't have an appetite at the moment. So it's all about delivering content when the user expects it or is ready to engage with it. And that's where our AI comes in.

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