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Copywriter vs. content writer - Who writes what?

Content creation is an essential part of online marketing. Good texts are of great importance here, because no matter how emotional the images in an advertisement are, without the right advertising text the desired effect will be missed. But not all text is the same. Basically, a distinction is made between two types of text: copy and content. Both forms of text are used in online marketing - but the authors of these texts pursue different goals. How exactly do copywriters and content writers differ from each other?

Content writers write extensive texts with an informative function. Content writers focus on conveying knowledge. The texts are published in the form of articles, news or tutorials, among other things. The purpose of the content is to build a bond between the user and the website. The content should convince the readers of a product, whereby the primary aim is to give the users a reason to visit the site again and again. To achieve this, content writers provide information about more than just a product or service.

Copywriters want to inspire people with their texts for a product and encourage them to take action. Copywriters therefore write shorter texts such as product descriptions, advertisements and slogans. The advertising texts are intended to arouse the emotions of the readers and thus establish a connection between the readers and the advertised product. In a subtle way, they arouse desire and convert readers into buyers. Copytexts are usually short, simple and catchy. They should capture users at first glance and encourage them to read on. It is important that the copywriter can put himself in the shoes of the target group he wants to address with his advertising copy.

Whether copy or content, all copywriters should have these five basic skills:

#1 Creativity & feeling for language

No special degree is necessary to become a copywriter. Passionate writers bring a lot of imagination and creativity with them. In addition, good copywriters have an excellent feeling for language, a large vocabulary that is continuously expanded, and a sense for the right choice of words.

#2 Error-free texting

Some people are very triggered by typos, others turn a blind eye. Either way, typos quickly destroy the seriousness of a brand. Errors in grammar or spelling should therefore be avoided at all costs.

#3 Comprehensibility & transparency

True to the motto "Keep it short and simple", successful advertising copy does not beat around the bush. The art is also to address the most important sales arguments in the advertising message and to bring all the information to the point in the appropriate wording. If possible, technical language should be avoided.

#4 Sales psychology

Good copywriters playfully arouse the curiosity of users, create a sense of urgency and can thus enthuse the target group for the advertised product as a problem solver. The focus is always on honest selling: There is no fibbing - no relevant information is omitted and nothing is added.

#5 Customer & product orientation

To bring the texts to the right level, copywriters should be able to empathise with and understand the target group. This way, users can be inspired by the product with the help of storytelling.

What copywriters have in common. Both copywriters and content writers should have qualities such as creativity and imagination as well as a strong feeling for language. Since they are always dealing with new subject areas, they should also have a high degree of curiosity, willingness to learn and the ability to research. Copywriters have a very good command of the German language, are confident with grammar and spelling, and are able to express their communication talent when writing advertising messages.

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