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Banner Blindness with display ads

Native advertising as a solution against banner blindness

Have you ever wondered why your display ads aren't performing as well as you'd hoped? The answer could be "banner blindness". Banner blindness is a phenomenon where website visitors unconsciously ignore ads on a web page because they've become accustomed to their placement and appearance. This can make it difficult for businesses to get their message across to potential customers. In this article, we'll look at banner blindness, how it affects display ads, and why Native Ads can be the solution to your marketing problem.

What is Banner blindness?

Banner blindness explained

Banner blindness is a psychological phenomenon where website visitors unconsciously ignore advertising banners on a web page. It is the result of overexposure to advertisements, which leads to a diminished user experience. Visitors tend to scan the page looking for information they were looking for and ignore anything that looks like an advertisement. This can be frustrating for businesses as they pay for ad space to capture the attention of their target audience. Studies have shown that the further down a page users scroll, the less likely they are to notice banner ads, regardless of their placement.

Banner blindness with display ads

Banner blindness is a major problem for businesses that rely on display ads to drive traffic and revenue. In response to this phenomenon, companies have increased the number of ads, hoping that quantity will compensate for a lack of quality. This results in a cluttered website that makes it difficult for users to find useful content. We all know that in marketing, user experience is critical. User experience is also directly related to conversions. If your website looks cluttered with ads, the visitor is more likely to leave without doing anything or converting. Plus, ads have been around for years, and users are becoming increasingly desensitized to them. In 2021, the use of ad blockers is increasing, making it even harder for businesses to reach their target audience.

Native Ads as a solution!

What are Native Ads?

Native ads are forms of advertising that adapt their format, style and appearance to the platform on which they are placed. They are a more effective way of advertising because they do not create banner blindness. The ads are more natural and don't disrupt the user experience, making it easier for businesses to reach their target audience. A study by Sharethrough and IPG Media Lab showed that users view native ads 53% more often than banner ads. A good example of native advertising is sponsored content. Sponsored content is content that is created in collaboration with a brand and publisher. The content is informative, engaging, and provides valuable information to the user, resulting in higher engagement.

Source: IPG & Sharethrough

Advantages of Native Ads

Native Ads are desirable because of their many advantages:

  • They are skipped less frequently than display ads
  • Higher brand lift, higher click-through rates and better ad recall
  • They work better on mobile devices
  • They work in synergy with the platform on which they are served
  • Higher efficiency, more attention, trust and engagement

In conclusion

Banner blindness is a real problem for display ads. Due to overexposure to constant banner ads, users tend to skip them. This has prompted companies to consider other advertising options. Native Ads are designed to blend naturally with website content and not disrupt the user experience. Native Ads have proven to be more powerful than banner ads, leading to higher brand engagement, click-through rates and ad recall. They have become more important today because consumers want to consume better content. Consider integrating Native Ads into your marketing strategy to reach your target audience in a more effective way. Read more about Native Advertising here.

Avoid banner blindness with your Native Advertising campaign!