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Native video advertising

We'll show you how to use your videos for maximum impact in Native Ads.

Of all the types of advertising, videos achieve the best results with consumers. So it's no surprise that video ads are becoming increasingly popular. There are usually two goals when using videos in native ads. One is to inform the target audience in an entertaining way and arouse their interest in the brand and product. The other goal is to present the offer to users in the most compact form possible - all comfortably viewed with the help of a smartphone or tablet.

Find out why videos play such a big role in advertising and get to know our video advertising formats that offer your videos the perfect stage.

The effects of video advertising

Videos are a powerful tool to represent your brand and attract the attention of your target audience to your products. Visual elements allow you to trigger emotions and create a strong connection with your customers. If you want to use videos in your advertising, it should first be defined what goals should be achieved. It is important that the video conveys the right message. With your video you can create brand awareness, brand insights and engagement. In short, with a good video, no one can resist your brand!

What can native video advertising look like?

One of the many positive features that make native advertising so special is that the ads are always played at the right time and in the right environment. This way, your target group can't be missed at all. At DEFINE MEDIA, this is ensured by our in-house developed AI. Within the native ad, your video can be effectively placed in both the teaser and the expand of the ad.

The combination of the perfect placement of the advertorial and the appropriate embedding of the video in the ad thus gives your ad the full attention of your target audience.

Where exactly your video should be integrated in the advertorial to achieve the maximum impact depends on the length of your video. Short, meaningful videos attract the attention of users if they are directly in the teaser. Longer videos such as those that contain a lot of information on topics that require explanation have a better effect if they are placed in the expand of the advertorial, surrounded by advertising messages.

CONATIVE offers the right advertising format for your video

CONATIVE Advertorial Video

We recommend our classic CONATIVE video format especially for information-rich products and offers. The advertising format can be flexibly customized. In addition to the video, the advertising format offers enough space for image-text combinations, an image gallery or hero graphic.

CONATIVE Video Autoplay

This ad format raises the interest of your target group with the video in the teaser. As the name of the ad format suggests, the video starts automatically and initially without sound for increased user-friendliness. This can be activated by a click of the user. We recommend a length of 15 to 20 seconds for videos in the teaser. In the expand of the advertising medium, images and texts can be placed.

CONATIVE Video Story

With this advertising format, you can extend your social media video content into the open web in an eye-catching 9:16 portrait format. In the CONATIVE Video Story format, you can formulate your advertising message in a short teaser - the actual focus is solely on your video, which opens and plays by clicking on the teaser.

We summarize the infos: Videos play such a big role in advertising because they are an effective and at the same time entertaining way to get the attention of customers and reach out to them on an emotional level. With the right video advertising, a brand achieves both awareness and interest in the product, as well as a relationship with the target audience.

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