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Artificial Intelligence in Online Marketing

Take your online marketing game to the next level with AI

Bye bye speculation, hello reliable predictions

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have taken the world of online marketing by storm. In the universe of native advertising & co, AI and machine learning are a game changer. Brands now have the ability to target customers more precisely. This is a huge advantage for native advertising campaigns, as they can now be optimally tailored to the needs of the target group.

The days when the planning of advertising campaigns was based on guesswork and a look into a crystal ball are over. Instead, AI can learn users' preferences and behaviors through data-driven analysis of previous experiences on a platform and play out the appropriate native ad accordingly.


Our in-house developed AI uses machine learning to optimize the playout of all CONATIVE campaigns, ensuring outstanding campaign results. Our AI is able to target potential customers even when a brand does not yet have a relationship with them. Brands can thus reach a wider audience and increase their return on investment due to the lower cost of native advertising.

Also, because AI analyzes a large amount of data in a short amount of time, brands can run campaigns continuously without having to manually monitor the process. This makes AI-powered advertising campaigns far more effective and efficient than traditional online advertising.

Dynamic ads for an effective playout

To achieve optimal campaign results, dynamic ads play an important role. We have trained our AI to analyze the images and advertising messages contained in the native ad without human assistance and make the appropriate decisions based on this. This allows us to guarantee the ideal playout in real time.

5 Benefits of our AI

#1 High Click Rates

Our AI finds the right editorial environments for high click-through rates on your ads.

#2 Efficiency

Your ads are shown to the right users based on experience and real-time data.

#3 Future-Proof

We do not need cookies or personal data.

#4 Safety

Our AI Brand Safety prevents your ads from being displayed in problematic environments.

#5 First-Class-Service

The +. Your personal account management guarantees your success.

If you're looking for a way to improve your advertising campaigns, then you should definitely consider Native Advertising and CONATIVE's AI. This combination can help you reach more customers and make your brand even more successful. So what are you waiting for? Start your CONATIVE campaign and convince yourself!

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