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Never Change a Winning Team - the success story continues.

Karlsruhe, 24th of February 2022.

pronova BKK, one of the five largest company health insurance funds in Germany, has again entered into an exclusive native advertising partnership with DEFINE MEDIA. The focus of the cooperation is a diverse range of native content campaigns on current health and health insurance topics, which pronova BKK plays out via DEFINE MEDIA's CONATIVE distribution platform.  

The aim of the pronova BKK content marketing strategy is to increase awareness of the health insurance company among the relevant target groups and to profile the company as a reliable health partner. In one of the most recent campaigns, pronova BKK used CONATIVE for a four-week LGBTQ+ awareness campaign, creating a high level of interaction with their young target group. With 69 seconds of active dwell time in the advertorial and a second-click rate of 12%, the campaign showed exceptionally high interaction rates and thus provided proof of CONATIVE's high engagement effect.

We have been achieving very good campaign results with CONATIVE for years. CONATIVE has convinced us again this time. The very good dwell time of more than one minute is proof for us that we reach our young target group unerringly with CONATIVE and that they interact actively with our content. We are already looking forward to further successful campaigns.
Tanja Strunk | B2C Onlineredaktion | pronova BKK

The framework agreement for the exclusive partnership between pronova BKK and DEFINE MEDIA is valid for another two years with an optional extension.

About pronova BKK

pronova BKK was formed from mergers of the company health insurance funds of well-known global corporations such as Ford, Bayer, BASF and Continental. The health insurance fund is open nationwide to all interested parties. Around 660,000 customers appreciate the personal care, excellent service and comprehensive benefits. pronova BKK has a dense branch network of over 60 customer service and advice centres. It is one of the five largest company health insurance funds and one of the largest health insurance funds in Germany.

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